Weir Endorses Julian for Federal NDP Leader

March 31st, 2017

Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir made the following statement today:

I am proud to endorse Peter Julian’s candidacy to lead our federal party.

His work in social movements and New Democratic politics has been motivated by an interest in progressive ideas and issues. Translating social democratic values into specific policy solutions is the key to inspiring support for the NDP and setting ourselves apart from the Liberals in a positive way.

Today’s energy announcement illustrates Peter’s policy depth with a commitment to prioritize Alberta and Saskatchewan for substantial new federal investments in renewable power. He advocates using Canadian-made steel to build this green infrastructure and to refurbish aging pipelines, such as Enbridge’s Line 3.

Peter’s “Just Transition” plan also favours more refining and upgrading in Canada as opposed to raw-bitumen exports. These proposals would create good jobs while reducing carbon emissions.

Peter understands Canada’s diverse regions. He is from western Canada, but also worked as an NDP organizer in Quebec. In addition to being fluent in both official languages, he is fluent in our country’s regional politics.

I support Peter because he combines a progressive national vision with a keen understanding of how to advance it across Canada.

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