Federal NDP Leadership Ignores Appeal & 1,700 Petition Signatures

November 13th, 2018

An online petition sponsored by Saskatchewan activists has garnered over 1,700 signatures calling for an external review of the investigation of Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir. He also filed an appeal under the party’s anti-harassment policy of his purported ineligibility to again seek the federal NDP nomination in Regina–Lewvan, but the federal leadership has not responded after six weeks.

“Is the federal NDP governed by established processes and policies, all of which include appeal procedures?,” asked Weir. “Or is the party governed at the whim of the leader, who has said no appeal is needed since he is satisfied with the investigation his office organized?”

The federal NDP president has acknowledged the need to respond to Weir’s appeal request, but party officers have still not done so. This lack of response parallels the mishandling of the investigation report itself.

“The continuing lack of due process is stunningly inconsistent with the leader’s background as a criminal defence lawyer,” noted Weir. “I am encouraged that a large and growing number of former elected officials, commentators and citizens recognize that the investigation process was deeply flawed.”


Timeline of Party Appeal

  • Oct. 1 – Weir files an appeal under the NDP Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence.
  • Oct. 13 – The party president replies, “I’ve received your letter and will get back to you soon.”
  • Nov. 2 – Weir checks back and the president replies, “I think it will be early next week.”
  • Nov. 13 – There is still no response to Weir’s appeal.


Timeline of Weir’s Expulsion

  • April 18 – The leader informs caucus and journalists that he has received the investigation report.
  • April 19 – The leader and Weir agree to reinstatement based on an apology and sensitivity training.
  • April 21 – Weir sends his draft apology to the leader.
  • April 23 – The leader’s chief of staff indicates she will get back to Weir “shortly” with suggestions, but never does so.
  • April 25 – The leader informs caucus of the resolution and that he will announce it on April 27.
  • April 26 – His chief of staff informs Weir there will be no announcement on April 27, but provides no alternate date.
  • May 1 – A complainant goes to CBC. When CBC contacts Weir, he declines to comment and seeks the leader’s guidance. The leader still does not announce the resolution and provides no guidance to Weir. CBC posts its report, so Weir tells his side of the story.
  • May 3 – The leader expels Weir for having spoken to the media and allegedly identifying the complainant, even though Weir has never named her and her name has never been reported.