Budget Ignores Regina & Our Largest Industry

February 27th, 2018

Today, the federal government delivered a 367-page budget whose only mention of Regina was in a hypothetical story (page 103).

“The Trudeau government ignored Regina in previous budgets by excluding our city from the Employment Insurance extension provided everywhere else in Saskatchewan and Alberta,” observed Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir. “Budget 2018 continues to neglect our city.”

Regina’s largest private-sector employer is Evraz Steel, which faces recent threats from the Trump administration of American duties on Canadian-made pipe. Yet the budget does not mention steel at all in 367 pages.

“It is strange to see one of Canada’s major industries completely omitted from a federal budget,” noted Weir, who serves as Saskatchewan’s lone representative on Parliament’s All-Party Steel Caucus. “Regina steelworkers need federal leadership to ensure fair access to the integrated North American market, rather than Ottawa quietly watching the US go it alone to protect producers south of the border.”

Two bright spots in today’s federal budget were promises to consult on a pair of goals advanced by the NDP: safeguarding pensions when companies go bankrupt (page 39) and implementing national pharmacare (page 172).

Weir is hosting townhall meetings on both issues next month: