Constituency Office Commmunity BBQ


Join us for a free BBQ! Stop by to check out the constituency office, enjoy lunch, ask about federal issues and take in the Cathedral Arts Festival Street Fair, which will be in full swing a block away.

May 27, 2017 at 12pm
Erin Weir's Constituency Office
2024A Albert St Regina , SK S4P 2T7 Canada
Office of Erin Weir · 306-790-4747
Edward Robertson Cathie McLeod Trisha Linner Ron Bourgeault Yeen Ten Hwang Donna Prosofski Lila and Norma Wendling Barry & Gwen Falconer Janell Hubbard Katelynn Kowalchuk Sumit Hallan Brian Wilkinson Bonnie Jones Arnold Evancio Patricia Orban Annette Kapell Maria krznar Bill Wunsch Verda Petry

Will you come?