Another Broken Commitment To Restoring Door-To-Door Mail Delivery

December 20th, 2017

Yesterday, Carla Qualtrough, the Minister responsible for Canada Post, indicated that her response to two reports she received a year ago – including one from the all-party Government Operations Committee recommending restoring door-to-door delivery – will once again be postponed.

“More broken promises! First, they promised to respond in the spring, then they promised to get their response in by summer. When the House returned for the fall sitting, they punted the date to the end of the year. Just a few weeks ago, we asked the Minister in person to repeat her promise, and she stated we would receive a response before Christmas 2017. And now, we learn that the Liberals are again breaking their commitment to giving Canadians an answer,” said NDP critic for Canada Post, Karine Trudel (Jonquière). “This issue matters to many communities, but this Liberal government doesn’t seem to care.”

During the last election campaign, the Liberals promised to restore door-to-door mail delivery. In May 2016, the Minister responsible for this file at the time seemed to renege on that commitment  when she said that her government would not necessarily restore the home mail delivery service.

“The hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their home mail delivery service since 2014, have clearly communicated to the Liberals their desire to have the service quickly restored. Yet  Justin Trudeau’s government continues to drag its’ feet on this file,” added NDP critic for Public Services and Procurement Erin Weir (Regina- Lewvan). “As Justin Trudeau said himself, Canadians expect a certain level of services from their government. Judging by his government’s performance, Canadians have every right to be disappointed with his ability to keep his word.”