Treasury Board to “Check Into” GTH Scandal

March 10th, 2016

Last night, federal Treasury Board president Scott Brison twice offered to “check into” the Global Transportation Hub’s land overpayment in response to questions from Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir at a House of Commons committee.

After raising this scandal in question period, he also pursued it in an adjournment debate on Monday.

“The federal government has provided millions of dollars to the Global Transportation Hub,” Weir noted. “Presumably, the goal was to invest this money in improving local infrastructure, not to create a slush fund for Sask. Party cabinet ministers to transfer to their cronies through suspicious land deals.”

“None of the $27 million federal contribution is intended to fund the acquisition of land,” explained the parliamentary secretary for Transport, Kate Young.

“Impropriety may well have occurred. Therefore, it is not good enough to suggest that the rules would have made these expenditures ineligible,” Weir responded. “It is important for the federal government and the RCMP to investigate to ensure that these funds were not used for land acquisition.”

Yesterday’s Globe & Mail reported that the Treasury Board has placed Transport Canada under special oversight. When Weir asked whether that would include an investigation of the Global Transportation Hub, Brison twice committed to “look into that.”

Video of Question Period, the Adjournment Debate and the Committee Meeting: