Weir, Moe & Trudeau on Equalization

Today, Premier Scott Moe and Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir addressed Equalization.

“Rather than putting forward any improvements to the Equalization formula, Premier Moe simply proposed to halve the amount of money allocated by that formula and distribute the other half on a per-capita basis along with the existing Canada Health and Social Transfers,” noted Weir.

“I wish him well in pushing for increased federal transfers to our province, but fear he will not get far in persuading Equalization-receiving provinces. There is a much stronger argument for allocating federal transit funding on an equal per-capita basis, which would significantly increase federal transfers to Saskatchewan.”

In Question Period, MP Weir asked about a possible change to the Equalization formula:

Mr. Speaker,

The federal government has repeatedly stated that provinces will keep the revenues from carbon pricing.

But next year is a renewal of Equalization. If carbon revenue is added to the formula, each province’s carbon tax base would count against its Equalization entitlement, effectively clawing back the money.

Will the government include carbon pricing in Equalization and, if so, how will it ensure provinces actually keep the revenue?

“I invite Premier Moe to join me in seeking Saskatchewan’s full per-capita share of federal transit funding and assurances that carbon pricing will not be incorporated into Equalization at our province’s expense,” concluded Weir.