With Sask. Losing Jobs, Moe Should Ask Trudeau for Carbon Border Adjustment

March 9th, 2018

Statistics Canada reported this morning that Saskatchewan lost more jobs than any other province over the past year. Indeed, the only other province to lose jobs over the past year was Newfoundland and Labrador, where employment edged down 0.6%, less than half Saskatchewan’s drop of 1.4%.

As highlighted in Statistics Canada’s news release, Saskatchewan was the only province in which employment fell by more than its standard error in the past month.

“By any measure, the austerity started by Brad Wall and deepened by Scott Moe is not working for Saskatchewan people,” noted Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir. “Both levels of government should instead prioritize public investments in the physical and social infrastructure our province needs.”

In meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau this afternoon, Premier Moe will undoubtedly object that a federal carbon tax would threaten more Saskatchewan jobs by disadvantaging our province relative to the US and other countries that do not price emissions. A solution would be for the federal government to extend its carbon price to the carbon content of imports from those countries and to rebate it on Canadian-made exports.

“Rather than turning away federal funding and isolating our province by refusing to engage on carbon pricing, Premier Moe should demand that the federal government use its jurisdiction over international trade to ensure a level playing field for Saskatchewan’s carbon-intensive, trade-exposed industries,” said Weir, who has advocated for a federal carbon tariff and export rebate since Prime Minister Trudeau announced the federal carbon price in October 2016.

“Finally, as the Member of Parliament representing the RCMP Depot, I congratulate its commanding officer, Brenda Lucki, on her appointment as RCMP Commissioner.”