MP Weir Raises Oil & First Ministers’ Agenda

This morning, Premiers Scott Moe and Rachel Notley released a joint letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requesting that the crisis in Canada’s energy sector be added to the agenda for the upcoming first ministers’ meeting.

Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir was the only MP to raise this point in today’s Question Period:

Mr. Erin Weir (Regina—Lewvan, CCF): Mr. Speaker, Canada’s first ministers are meeting this Friday, but the crisis in our energy sector was left off the agenda. The premiers of both Saskatchewan and Alberta have written to the Prime Minister to ask him to change that. Will the Prime Minister add energy market access and the oil price differential to the first ministers’ agenda?

Hon. Dominic LeBlanc (Minister of Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, as my hon. colleague knows, the first ministers meeting is an opportunity for first ministers to discuss economic competitiveness and trade diversification. Our government has been very clear for a long time. It is unacceptable that Canadian natural resources are so dependent on one market.

We believe diversifying market access is good for the Canadian economy. It is certainly good for Alberta and Albertan workers. Our government will always take any opportunity, as we have every single time, to discuss with Alberta and other provinces how we can strengthen the Canadian economy.