MP Weir Raises SK Penitentiary’s Phoenix Pay Problems

February 27th, 2017

Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir asked the following in Friday’s Question Period:

Mr. Speaker, it has been a year since the government started the Phoenix pay fiasco.

For months, over 360 employees at Saskatchewan’s Federal Penitentiary went without proper pay.

To protect Canadians, we must ensure that guards who are overseeing maximum security prisoners are not distracted by ongoing payroll problems.

Will the Minister of Public Safety, who is also from Saskatchewan, ask the Minister of Public Services to finally fix the Phoenix pay system once and for all?

The Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, was in his seat in the House but chose not to answer.

Instead, parliamentary secretary Steven MacKinnon correctly noted that the Phoenix pay system was an ill-conceived Conservative scheme, but failed to take responsibility for the Liberal government’s decision to rush ahead with implementing it.

The previous day, MP Weir had asked about 50,000 incorrect T4 tax slips sent to federal public servants as a consequence of Phoenix pay problems.