Pipeline Reviews Should Favour Canadian Steel

January 10th, 2017

Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir is calling for the federal government’s review process for proposed energy pipelines to take account of the fact that Canadian-made pipe is cleaner and safer than offshore pipe.

“The Liberal government recently approved two major pipeline projects without knowing where or how the pipe would be produced,” said Weir. “Manufacturing steel pipe in Canada creates good jobs here, emits less carbon and minimizes the risk of leaks.”

For example, making a ton of steel in a Chinese blast furnace emits five times as much carbon as making it at Regina’s Evraz mill. In addition to production differences, transporting steel pipe across the ocean into Canada emits more carbon.

“Canadian-made pipe is tested and inspected throughout the manufacturing process,” Weir added. “With pipe imported from offshore, we can never be completely sure what we’re getting.”

Fortunately, Enbridge will use pipe produced by Evraz in Regina for its Line 3 Replacement Project. Unfortunately, Kinder Morgan has not indicated where it intends to source pipe for the Trans Mountain Expansion.

Before Parliament adjourned, Weir put the following question on the order paper:

“With regard to the approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project: what measures, if any, do the government and the National Energy Board plan to take to ensure that it be built with Canadian-made steel?”

The Liberal government was elected promising a new process, including proper consultation with local communities and First Nations, to review pipeline proposals to better protect the environment and public safety. Ensuring that this process considers the pipe supplier’s emissions and reliability would favour Canadian-made steel and support employment at Evraz in Regina.