Stand With Refugees - Suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement

Refugees Welcome photo by Geoff Livingstone

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Whereas, Canadians across the country recognize the persistent struggle of those forced to flee their homes due to war, violence and persecution;

Whereas, we recognize Canada's international obligations toward refugees, as well as the fundamental rights of those facing such incredible hardship;

Whereas, Canadians across the country have rallied together to welcome refugees fleeing some of the worst violence imaginable;

Whereas, Canada has a long history of opening its doors to refugees;

Whereas, under the U.S.-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement, refugee claimants cannot request protection in Canada if they arrive via the United States (a "safe third country").

Whereas, in light of President Trump's recent discriminatory executive order to ban visitors from Muslim-majority countries from the United States, and to suspend that country's refugee program, words and tweets will no longer suffice;

We the undersigned stand against bans, bigotry and walls, and acknowledge the sacrifices and courage of refugees around the world.

We commit to building a stronger, fairer and more inclusive society for them, and a more peaceful world.

We call on the Trudeau government to immediately suspend the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

Will you sign?