Sask. still has lots of job openings

The following story quoted Erin Weir's economic analysis in The Star-Phoenix on March 19, 2014.

United Steelworkers economist Erin Weir noted that the number of job vacancies in Saskatchewan fell by a third over the past year, by far the largest proportional decline of any province, except P.E.I. As a result, there are now fewer unfilled jobs in Saskatchewan (8,300) than in Manitoba (8,900).

Because Saskatchewan is a smaller province, its job vacancy rate of 1.8 per cent remains a bit higher in real numbers than Manitoba's 1.6 per cent. But both provinces are well below Alberta's job vacancy rate of 2.3 per cent, Weir said.

"Notwithstanding rhetoric from the provincial government and business groups about a tight labour market, fewer than two per cent of Saskatchewan jobs remained unfilled at the end of 2013," Weir said in a commentary. "By this measure, Saskatchewan's job market looked more like moderate Manitoba than booming Alberta."

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