MP Erin Weir Invites Andrew Scheer to the Queen City Pride Parade

June 20th, 2017

All three of Regina’s MPs were in town last weekend and two of them attended the 2017 Queen City Pride Parade. Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir delivered the following statement in the House of Commons today: 

Mr. Speaker,

Last Saturday, I once again had the pleasure to march in the Queen City Pride Parade. Despite rain, attendance was larger than ever, including a strong NDP contingent.

The NDP is proud to have been the first party to call for the legalization of homosexuality, the first with openly gay candidates and MPs, and the first to support gay marriage.

This year, Amnesty International led Regina’s parade to highlight the need for visas for LGBT refugees. I hope that the Member for Regina–Wascana, who also marched in the parade, took note of this call for government action.

Finally, I want to invite the member for Regina–Qu’Appelle to join the parade next year, so that we can have all three of Regina’s MPs from all three major political parties marching to support equal rights for everyone.