Wall Fails to Seek Federal Funding to Sustain STC

May 31st, 2017

Today is the last day of Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus service in our province. Premier Brad Wall rushed to eliminate this needed service without even asking for Saskatchewan’s fair share of federal transit funding, which would be more than enough to maintain STC.

“I wrote to Premier Wall on April 14, inviting him to join me in pushing for Saskatchewan to receive our per-capita share of the transit funding announced in this year’s federal budget,” said Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir. “Wall responded on May 11 that he would eliminate STC even if federal funding were available to continue its operation.”

Whereas most federal transfers are allocated according to population, the 2017 federal budget allocated $20.1 billion in transit funding based on a formula of 30 per cent population versus 70 per cent ridership.

Because Saskatchewan has 3.2 per cent of Canada’s population but only 0.86 per cent of current ridership, our province will receive less than 1.6 per cent of federal transit funding. In other words, Saskatchewan’s per-capita share of $20.1 billion would be about $640 million, but the federal government’s formula will only provide about $320 million.

“The slanted allocation of federal transit funding will shortchange Saskatchewan by about $320 million, which dwarfs the $85 million the provincial government says it will save by axing STC,” added Weir. “It is disappointing that Premier Wall chose to cut services to Saskatchewan people, rather than working on behalf of Saskatchewan people to pursue federal funding that could sustain those services.”


Click here to read Weir’s letter to Wall.

Click here for video of Weir’s statement on STC and federal transit funding.