Canadian Steel


Conservatives try to present themselves as champions of Regina’s steel mill.

In fact, the NDP has better policies on foreign investment, international trade and public procurement to support steel-making jobs.

The former Conservative government rubber-stamped Evraz’s takeover of IPSCO and approved foreign takeovers of every other Canadian steel mill.

The current Liberal government has done nothing to hold foreign companies to their Investment Canada Act commitments.

Only the NDP advocates a more transparent review process for proposed foreign takeovers and stronger enforcement to ensure a net benefit for Canadians.

Conservatives and Liberals allowed the Canadian market to be flooded with Chinese steel, produced in violation of internationally-recognized labour and environmental standards. Evraz has identified China’s steel dumping as the main cause of layoffs in Regina.

This past May, the US applied anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties of 500% to Chinese cold-rolled steel. Months later, Canada’s Liberal government has failed to take similar action.

Only the NDP is pushing for trade remedies to remove China’s unfair competitive advantage.

Through questioning the Minister of Procurement at the Government Operations Committee, MP Erin Weir uncovered that only 19% of the steel in the new Champlain Bridge will be made in Canada. It is among the largest federal infrastructure projects.

The Conservatives are promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would prevent us from using public procurement to develop Canadian industry.

Only the NDP proposes “Buy Canadian” procurement policies to support good jobs in our community.

Before being elected as your MP, Weir was an economist with the United Steelworkers. He is the only Saskatchewan MP serving on Parliament’s All-Party Steel Caucus.

Both inside and outside the House of Commons, Erin Weir has been an effective advocate for Regina steelworkers. 

Click here for information on how Weir is advocating for Regina steel in pipeline projects.



Do you agree with Erin Weir and the NDP that we should support good steel jobs in Regina?