Payrolls Flat in Trudeau’s First Year as PM

December 21st, 2016

Today, Statistics Canada reported average weekly earnings of $953.88 for October 2016, down $1.33 from September 2016 and up just 16 cents from October 2015, when the current Liberal government was elected.

“A year of flat payroll earnings should concern a government that purports to focus on ‘Growing the Middle Class’,” said Regina–Lewvan MP Erin Weir. “There is a glaring disconnect between Liberal rhetoric and the reality faced by working Canadians.”

Justin Trudeau’s government has continued to suppress wages with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which it is considering expanding. While the Liberals repealed the worst Conservative anti-worker laws, they voted down the NDP’s bill to enact anti-scab legislation. They have also failed to reinstate a federal minimum wage.

“Removing the threat of replacement workers would enable employees to negotiate fair pay increases,” said Weir, who seconded and spoke on the NDP’s anti-scab bill (video). “Phasing in a $15 federal minimum wage would help some of Canada’s lowest-paid workers and thereby boost average earnings.”